Austin has an inoperable heart condition.  He has a permanent foster who will care for him as long as he is alive.


Make a real difference n the life of an abused and neglected dog!  Volunteer to bathe, walk and love on them.  Accompany them to events.  Give them the love they crave!


Open up your heart and home to a dog that needs love and attention. We will provide food and medical care.  You provide the home and love until your foster dog finds an adopter.

Hi, I'm Faith and that is me in the picture.  I was horribly injured and picked up by AC.  I was rescued and am now happy and healthy in my new home.  Please help Luv-A-Bull continue to help dogs like me!


Luv-A-Bull All Breed Rescue

Layla was rescued from a high kill county shelter where pit bulls are illegal.  She was very pregnant and had her babies a day after we got her.  Her and her babies have all been placed in loving homes.

  1. 1993 - We started rescuing dogs using our own funds and making a difference in the lives of those we could help.
  2. 2009 -We applied for our 501 (c)3 while continuing to rescue dogs.
  3. 2010 -We received our 501 (c)3 non-profit status allowing us to rescue more dogs and have tax deductible status.
  4. 2013 -We have over 20 dogs in our care that are searching for their forever homes.  We are actively fundraising to attain a 12 acre property in Central Florida to build a dog sanctuary to allow us to help more dogs.

Minka was covered with mange and thrown over a fence in Palm Beach.  She is with us and awaiting her forever, loving home.

Lovely was found in a bad neighborhood eating out of trash cans.  She was with us for a long time until she found a home.


There is nothing more satisfying than adopting a rescue dog.  A rescued dog truly appreciates your giving them a second chance.  Please adopt!!!

Dogs we have helped

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Working  to prevent abuse and neglect.  Rescuing dogs that have no other chance.